(English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English)







1996-2000      Budapest Business School (Budapest, Hungary)


                        economist degree


2002-2004      University of Pécs (Pécs, Hungary)


                        certified professional translator&interpreter degree


                        (English – Hungarian, Hungarian – English)


2004-2006      University of Pécs (Pécs, Hungary)


                        MBA degree


2018-2019      Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE) (Budapest, Hungary)


                        translator and terminologist in Economics and Law


2020-2021      Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York, USA)


                       certified integrative nutrition health coach

                      (courses completed: Health Coach Training Program, Detox your Life, Emotional Eating Psychology,

                      Whole Person Health)






Main fields of expertise








Experience&major customers




American Fast-food franchisee in Hungary


1993 – 1998 (5 years)




legal, technical, fast-food restaurant-operation related material, business documents, correspondence (EN-HU, HU-EN)




Lubricant distributor (Hungary)


1999-2000 (1 year)




lubricant industry documents, marketing material, correspondence (EN-HU, HU-EN)

Distributor of surveillance devices (Hungary)
June 2000
translation of surveillance camera system manual (HU-EN)


UEFA/Hungarian Football Association (The Netherlands/Hungary)


2000-2002 (3 years)


interpretation (EN-HU, HU-EN)


UEFA training for Hungarian coaches




IT distributor (Hungary)


2000 – 2011 (11 years)




general business documents, legal, technical, financial, sales and marketing material (EN-HU, HU-EN)




Publishing company (Hungary)


2002 - present


15 books (EN-HU)


fiction, alternative medicine, lifestyle, thriller, love story




Translation Agency (IT industry) (California, USA)


June – July, 2010 (2 months)


translation project


online printer user guides (1000 pages) (EN-HU)




Publishing company (Hungary)


September 2010 – present


proofreading (cca. 100 books) (EN-HU)


translation of 10 books (EN-HU)


transcription & translation of English videos




Mosquito trap distributor (Hungary)


July 2011


translation of mosquito trap manuals (EN-HU)




Film, print&web design agency (Sweden)


October 2011


translation & interpretation project (EN-HU, HU-EN)


medical translation and interpretation




IT company (Hungary)


2011 – present




legal, technical, financial, sales and marketing material, business documents (EN-HU, HU-EN)




Security guard training center (Hungary)


February 2011


translation of informal textbook for security guards (HU-EN)




Translation Agency (California, USA)


August 2012 - present


proofreading (geographical documents)


movie subtitling (EN-HU)




Boiler Manufacturer Company (Hungary)


October 2012 – August 2013


translation of boiler manuals, range brochure, contracts, marketing material (HU-EN, EN-HU)




Translation Agencies (EU)


May 2013 – present


translation of technical datasheets&brochures (HU-EN)


translation of camping website (EN-HU)


translation of EU agricultural support related complex documentation (HU-EN)


proofreading (tourism-related documents)




Translation Agency (Asia)


September 2012 - present


translation of manuals (EN-HU)


proofreading of manuals (HU)




Translation Agencies & direct clients (Hungary)


January 2017 - present


translation of manuals (EN-HU)


translation of agreements (EN-HU, HU-EN)


translation of General Terms and Conditions (HU-EN)


translation of laws (HU-EN)


translation of policies and procedures (HU-EN)

proofreading and monolingual review (technical documents